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Mother (Pregnancy) Massage - Massage Therapy for women of all ages, especially Pregnant Moms
Massage For Mothers is committed to providing a deeply relaxing yet rejuvenating massage for women of all ages, but focuses on the needs of pregnant women.  Pregnant women have special needs during this beautiful, transitional time.  Proper massage therapy can address those needs, offering assistance in pain and stress relief for the expectant Mom.  Common ailments are: back pain, leg cramps, neck and shoulder aches, pelvic and sciatic pressure, as well as difficulty in breathing. These symptoms can be remedied by specific massage tecniques.  As a result of regular massage therapy during  pregnancy, not only is the pregancy more pain free, but women most often experience an easier labor, delivery and recuperation process. Pre-Natal Mother Massage is administered with precision, and sensitivity, while custom-formulated according to the individual Mom's condition.
There are various programs available, ranging from a one time session to a series of multiple plans that will work within your budget.  Gift certifiicates are available.
In addition to offering Pregnancy, Labor and Post-Partum Massage, I am also a Birth Doula (DONA trained).  I would be happy to assist you during and after your labor with Doula (labor assistant) services.  These services I can offer separately from the massage, or combined, whichever you prefer. 
At Massage for Mothers, I do everything I possibly can to meet your expectations. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and all services rendered are offered with personal and professional concern.
If you are thinking about having a pregnancy massage, or would like to give a gift certificate to someone who is pregnant, please feel free to contact me with any questions, and I will be happy to help you:
[email protected] (850) 445-3793
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